Check out our DONATION page to make a monetary donation towards our #WhyWeGiveProject.

It usually feels awkward to ask for help but we can't let pride stop us from helping those in need. In particular, to help those who are homeless in our community. Honestly, we don't have a costly marketing campaign or tons of powerful connections. All we have is an EXTREME desire for a change in our community. Our desire stems from frustration of seeing things the way they are and REFUSING to wait for change. We will do our best with whatever we got. We've got TIME, a MISSION, and DRIVE. And hopefully we've got YOU too. Your help is appreciated and matters.


*All proceeds fund supplies inside our CARE kits (kits filled with staple hygiene items for those in need), the kit bags themselves and unexpected costs that come up along the way. ALL help is greatly appreciated! Even if we can't help everyone, helping even ONE life matters.